ThundeRobot ST PLUS


We already talked about a good laptop with Chinese pedigree ThundeRobot ST-Pro: it was a model of the middle segment with a good iron and a very tasty price tag on the sale. Today we will give the Chinese a second chance: let’s see how they manage without cheating conditions and in the budget segment. Here and the competition oh-th-go, and cheaper devaysy, it seems, there is nowhere and nothing. To stand out from the crowd, you need to make a lot of effort – and ST PLUS succeeded. How? We learn in the review.

There are no mark-ups for the brand in the case of ThundeRobot – net commerce: the cost of iron, assemblies and profits. But the company also does not receive discounts for huge lots on purchase, so the question “who is more profitable” – from A-brands or low-interest companies – remains open.



In our “Chinese” is a quad-core Core i7 (better than it only indecently expensive models for 17+ inch beeches), from 8 GB of RAM (DDR4, you can put 16 without problems) and NVIDIA GTX 1050. The configuration is never a record, but on all modern toys in FullHD should be enough.

The battery is a convention, it will fit in a series of “Games of Thrones” or an hour of wrangling in the comments to this article. The screen is usual TN’ka: the viewing angles are appropriate, the color rendition and the contrast are also. Sitting right in front of the beech and chopping in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it does not interfere: at maximum brightness, everything is perfectly visible, and no bushes hide the creeping fragment from the sharp eyes.



The usual gray semi-matt plastic, transparent inserts with an orange backdrop, black edges. Carved in the lid “windows” are lit when the display is open – no one has put the LED there, this is the light from the matrix itself. The case is simple. Taktilno no complaints, visually – too.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard module painfully resembles that of a four-letter company. Backlit keys, FN-features are randomly scattered on F1-F12, the pointer unit is hidden in a common body and without a visual contact is indistinguishable from adjacent buttons.

When typing, the plastic case rumbles loudly throughout the district – the mechanism is unpretentious, the noble movement “as on the rails” from the buttons you will not wait, but the sensations are still better than 90% of this price segment in performance from the famous brands – there the pressures are completely empty and fuzzy . The backlight is colored, it is tuned through the native software. If you, of course, find it on the official website, since ThundeRobot ST-Plus comes without OS and software.


The general emptiness of the case (in this model it is possible to deliver one more SSD or HDD, for example) could not leave its imprint on the sound: there is a slight boom and drumming. Watch movies and play AAA-titles better in headphones, at most – connect external speakers. For skype, youtube and Dota will come and go. The volume of the volume is solid, while there is no wheezing and other distortions – everything is clean.



Over the past year, we had so many similar laptops that you can predict the results yourself. Well, how many points in TimeSpy dials a bunch of i7 + 1050?

A typical representative of the “middle class”

The bundle from Intel and NVIDIA in ThundeRobot ST PLUS , which we know from other models, does not differ in performance in the device without a sonorous name: let it not be in the dress coat, and the “native” did not come out, but it can be no less than the others. – the secret of success: the “golden mean”. The screen is normal in all respects, the keyboard is normal, the sound is normal. Of the outstanding in it, only its “normality” in everything. Perhaps this is his main feature – do not attract attention and just do a good job for a reasonable price.


  • Intel Core i7 and SSD at the price of i5 and HDD from popular brands;
  • all games on medium-high settings with stable 60 FPS;
  • well assembled;
  • there is space for upgrade: RAM, SSD, HDD.


  • unsuccessful cooling system;
  • 2 GB of video memory – not enough;
  • cutouts in the lid shine through the display, against the sun it is better not to sit.


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