The very name of these wireless headphones with active noise cancellation system – Globe Cruiser, the “world-wide traveler” – suggests that they are created for those who travel far and far. Even if most of us do not make regular flights around the Earth, we all need compact and lightweight headphones with effective protection against noise, since we spend a lot of time in the metro, in the train and other rattling and rumbling forms of transport. Will this model suit us from Denon?

Technical specifications Denon Globe Cruiser AH-GC20

  • Construction: female
  • Type: dynamic
  • Acoustic design: closed
  • Driver’s Diameter: 40 mm
  • Impedance (with wired connection and active noise reduction): 100 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB / mW
  • Maximum input power: 1000 mW
  • Frequency range: 5-40000 Hz
  • Noise Reduction: active + cVc technology (Clear Voice Capture)
  • Connection: cable / Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth interface: v4.0 with aptX codec support
  • Control: buttons on the case
  • Mobile app: Denon Travel
  • Cable: removable, 1.35 m with 3.5 mm connectors
  • Duration of wireless operation (with noise reduction): up to 20 hours
  • Weight: 275 grams

Packing and equipment

Packaging at first glance is standard: the two-piece box is fastened together in a discreet black and white “dust jacket”. But when you take it in hand, you understand that the cardboard is much thicker and denser than comparable headphones of other manufacturers.

Inside – a solid hard case with a zipper, and in it – headphones and a tissue bag with cables (one – USB – for charging, the second – with 3.5 mm connectors – for wired headphones in case there is no possibility to recharge the battery), an aerial adapter and a 6.3 mm adapter. At the bottom of the box in the envelope of a dense transparent film – the documentation.

In all these insignificant, at first glance, little things manifested not only the typical Japanese neatness, but also respect for the buyer. And this is much more important and more valuable than the cheap economy that the manufacturer could get with cheaper packaging.


Appearance and construction

The accent in the design of the AH-GC20 is made on the matte surfaces of the headband and cups, the muffled titanium (and steel) gloss of the parts of the folding mechanism, and also in their smooth outlines. A small but important detail: the top of the headband is trimmed with leather (which one, in the description does not say, but it is clear that this is a qualitative so-called “eco-leather”), and from below, where it comes in contact with the head – a cloth that lets air in and is especially comfortable in hot weather.

The diameter of the driver is 40 mm. We have already written more than once that this is the optimal caliber for covering headphones, even full-sized ones, and its increase is more harmful than good. Unlike some American manufacturers who portray themselves as Rolls-Royce and ignore the main technical characteristics, Denon does not hide them, although they do not try to impress us with an abundance of numbers and incomprehensible terms. The only thing that is not entirely clear is the impedance of headphones when wired. In the English-language booklet 100 ohms are indicated with the note “power on” (with power on), and on the Russian site this parameter was delicately avoided. We explain: 100 Ohm is the impedance of headphones with a cable connection and active noise reduction system, if you turn it off, it goes down to 25 Ohm, that is, to the normal value for headphones

Power consumption and autonomy

According to the passport – 20 hours of wireless connection with the active system NC. We got 18.5 hours at a high listening volume. If they had done more quietly, they could have met the “normative”. In any case, this is more than enough. No normal person can sit in headphones for so long, even on an airplane. Yes, and the smartphone will probably be discharged faster.



Before starting to play music, the headphones worked as a headset. In models with a spoken microphone located on the outside of one of the cups, there are often problems with hearing. With Denon AH-GC20, there were no complaints about poor voice intelligibility from those we called to. But only with the active noise reduction system turned off. It was only to move the lever to the ON position, and the person on the other end of the “wire” reported that your voice became noticeably quieter. In principle, nothing terrible – you just turn off the noise while talking or speak louder.


Wireless headphones Denon AH-GC20 sound no worse than many wired models of comparable cost. Does this surprise you? Completely in vain. Overcome the characteristic limitations of the Bluetooth wireless interface allows the codec aptX – digital audio is transmitted in a very high quality and virtually lossless.

However, the headphones Denon AH-GC20 are good not only for their sound, but also for the way they are made and look. Finally, they are ideally suited to their “tourist” destination: they are compact and very well protected against external noise.



  • attractive design;
  • impeccable workmanship;
  • maximum comfort;
  • accurate and balanced sound;
  • effective passive and active noise reduction;
  • support aptX.


  • When the noise reduction is on, the sensitivity of the spoken microphone decreases.


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