Apple confirms the existence of problems with the iPad Pro


Despite the efforts of producers, with new devices from time to time may be difficult. No exception in this respect and the products of Apple. For example, last year the network was actively discussed excessive flexibility iPhone 6 Plus, and today one of the main problems is the iPad Pro. Not long ago, users have found that after a long charging plate hangs. Most often, this problem occurs if you put the iPad Pro to charge at night. First, Apple did not respond to user complaints, but today the representatives acknowledged the problem.
According to representatives of Apple, now experts are working on correcting the fault. As a workaround, users are advised to kupertinovtsy output of the iPad Pro hangs by a “hard” reboot (hold down the Home and Power at 7-10 seconds). The network also provides information about what to avoid hang iPad Pro can activate airplane mode before recharging.
It is assumed that the problem is identified with a certain programming errors.


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