Well, when your craving for sport is shared by friends, but sometimes they have urgent business. And what, to stay at home and be bored alone? Not at all, when there is a player or a smartphone with cheerful music at hand, which will give motivation to classes. And that the active pastime did not interfere with earphones dropping out of your ears, it is better to acquire sports models with a developed fixing system, like the Philips novelties of the ActionFit line. Three pairs of waterproof “ears” came to our office – SHQ3405, SHQ3400, SHQ1400 – and immediately went to workout.

Technical specifications of Philips ActionFit SHQ3405 / SHQ3400 / SHQ1400

Philips ActionFit SHQ1400 SHQ3400 SHQ3405
Impedance, Ohm 16 16 16
A type dynamic
Sensitivity, dB / mW 100 107 107
Frequency range, Hz 15-22000 5-42000 6-24000
Maximum input power, mW 20 20 20
Diameter of the membrane, mm 13.6 8.6 8.6
Cable Direct 1.2 m
Connector 3,5 mm
In the role of a headset no no Yes


Packing and equipment

All three models of headphones are delivered in small cardboard packages with a transparent window for visual inspection. The accessories kits are slightly different: for the SHQ1400 inserts there are three types of fixing attachments, and for the SHQ3400 and SHQ3405 intracannel models, a perforated bag is attached to the set of attachments.


The design of the ActionFit Philips headphones is imbued with the spirit of sport: the main color is a rich green, contrast inserts and attachments can be black or white. With regard to materials of performance, rigid plastic only in the case of the speakers, and the entire frame is made of elastic plastic. The headphone cable is straight Y-shaped, with a Kevlar inner braid under the elastic cover, with a massive splitter and a small flexible plug. In the kit there is a clothespin for fixing the wire on the clothes.

Philips SHQ1400 inserts are almost symmetrical round shape with a protruding elastic cambric, into which the cable passes. The headphones are equipped with small (13.6 mm) speakers with neat holes for sound output and nozzles, softening the fit in the ears, of a very unusual shape.

Philips SHQ3400 headphones belong to the category of intracanal models, which provide effective noise isolation and bass sound character. Despite the overall color gamut, the design and design of these headphones differs markedly from the “droplets”.

The fixing of the zaushina here is noticeably stiffer, plus with the firm adjustment for the diameter. The sound tube is also of a non-standard oval shape, although any third-party nozzles are suitable for it. Inside the sound outlet there is a protective mesh, which prevents contamination of the 8.6 mm speaker membrane, and in the set there are three standard versions of the insulating nozzles. Differences in the cable and plug from the previous model is not, the standard clothespin for attaching to clothing is attached.

The headset of the Philips SHQ3405 differs from the SHQ3400 only in a more restrained color performance, but with a massive remote control at the junction of the wires. The remote has a microphone with answering key, plus on the plug a classic pinout for modern iOS and Android devices.


Brilliant headphone design fits perfectly into the style of clothes and accessories for fitness, complementing the sporting image. But more important is their convenience and practicality.

In the SHQ1400 model, the convenience and reliability of fixation directly depends on the selected elastic attachments – three options are included. The most compact is easiest to invest in the ear, but they fall out more often than others. The second nozzles with a tail and an emphasis under the auricle sit down at a slight angle, hold securely, but are felt very distinctly and may not suit those who are irritated by the obvious presence of foreign objects in the ears. The version with zaushinoy the most comfortable and reliable in wearing, but with reservations on sound.

Intrachannel SHQ3400 and SHQ3405 proved to be real experts in screening out external noise. Comfortable landing is surprisingly dense and deep, almost like a professional IEM (In-Ear-Canalphone). In combination with a flexible earhook with adjustable coverage, these headphones are unrealistic to drop out of your ears, even if you pull forcefully with a strong cable. However, such a dense landing causes discomfort for some users, and this should be taken into account before buying.


Philips SHQ1400 inserts feature a very interesting sound for headphones that do not block external sounds. For training in crowded places, jogging and cycling is an important advantage. With small and medium nozzles in the sound there is a hint of bass and an emphasis on the mid-range. This pushes to light melodic compositions, where the bet is made on vocals and wind instruments. If you choose a nozzle with zaushinami, basses disappear completely and listening to electronics delivers only discomfort. We ask for something very light and airy – each of us has his own ideas about such music.

Philips SHQ3400 / 3405 turned out to be very accurate and smooth in nature of sound, without the bass bass and a very delicate study of the middle frequencies. It may seem a bit low, but this is the payment for IPX4 waterproof protection and a closed acoustic design. The scene is pinned to the center, the detail is average, as is the volume, despite the manufacturer’s declared characteristics. In genres, there are no preferences for headphones, electronics and rock are equally well suited to their neutral nature.

Speaking about Philips SHQ3405, it’s also worth mentioning a microphone. He has a low level of sensitivity, but with careful consideration of the nuances of the voice, which makes it very comfortable to communicate in the atmosphere of the park and pedestrian sidewalks. In noisy places during a conversation, you already have to raise your voice.


Philips headphones ActionFit line draw attention to the characteristic sports appearance, and conquer carefully thought-out ergonomics. Convenient and reliable fit, a clip of fixing the wire to the clothes and moisture protection IPX4 for all three models – weighty arguments to include them in your sports outfit. At the same time, the headphones have a neutral sound character, which I would like to call a background sound – clean and unobtrusive. And what else should have sports headphones for training and jogging? Share your opinions in the comments.


  • ergonomics of behind-the-ear locks;
  • an abundance of baits in the kit;
  • removable clip to clothes.


  • hard landing SHQ3400;
  • limited limit loudness.


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