Apple patents “invisible” Smart Connector for iPhone

In a large number of rumors on the net recently circulated that Apple may be equipped with an older version of the iPhone 7 new connector Smart Connector, which first appeared in the iPad Pro. According to some reports, the company may completely eliminate the use of this port Lightning. A recent Apple patent gives one more reason to consider that the new model iPhone can still receive a connector. What is more interesting, the document states that the connector will not be visible from the outside of the unit. To this end, the manufacturer intends to use a self-healing elastomer, which will cover the contacts.

The patent states that in some embodiments, the elastomer is self-healing or for the connector in the opening in the housing. One or more electrical connectors can penetrate the elastomer to establish contact with the connection contacts. After removal of this material back to “delayed”, protecting the connector from external influence.

The new Apple patent describes new smart connector, only this time it is placed in a small hole in the hull. This space is filled with the self-healing elastomer connector.

It is not known for what purpose will be used in the iPhone smart connector. Recall that in the case of the iPad Pro, he is used to connect the keyboard.


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