Dell launches workstations supporting VR

Dell has introduced an entire new line of workstations, the Precision series, ready to create and use virtual reality content. All new computers meet the minimum technical requirements to work with VR at an optimal level, are supplied with licensed graphics drivers and company have been testing the performance of the implementation of the requirements of manufacturers of helmets of virtual reality, independent software vendors, or existing benchmarks.
“Workstations Dell Precision is not the first year provide specific computing capabilities, including the creation of spectacular 3D-maze, computer simulation and engineering calculations. This virtual reality of a new generation of popularizing VR technology makes it popular. The possibilities of realization are endless and our workstations meet high requirements for performance and reliability for VR content creation “, – said Raul Tiku, executive director and head of Dell Precision units.


For content creators, Dell has developed three workstations in the tower housing Precision Tower 5810, 7810 and 7910, as well as the system for rack mounting Precision Rack 7910. All of them have improved performance thanks to Intel Broadwell EP processors with more cores to support multi-threaded applications, improved graphics and memory required to create VR-content. Computers are suitable for professional modeling, analysis and computation.


The workstations tower Precision Tower uses the latest graphics processors from AMD, and the NVIDIA, drives Precision Ultra-Speed ​​PCle, which is four times more productive than traditional SATA SSD drives, and operational DDR4 memory is clocked at 2400 MHz, Capacity up to 1 TB.


Powered by the patented Dell Reliable Memory Technology technology to increase the reliability of memory and Dell Intel CAS-W for hardware acceleration of the cache memory. In these systems, liquid cooling is also implemented, whereby the noise level was reduced by 38%.


In addition to desktop solutions Dell also introduced a mobile workstation Precision 3000 Series 15 (3510), 5000 (5510) and 7000 (7510) and Precision 17, 7000 (7710). They are fully kastomiziruemye and certified for use with professional applications. 15-inch Model 15 Precision (3510) was 26% thinner and 12% lighter than the previous generation, but the size was increased touchpad.


The Precision 15 (3510) uses the processors of the sixth generation Intel Core and Intel Xeon, AMD FirePro graphics card, RAM DDR4 standard and third-generation Thunderbolt interface. This set delivers high performance for fast 3D- modeling and calculations.


15-inch Precision 15 (5510) is equipped with a 4K-display UltraSharp PremierColor InfinityEdge with a thin frame that is capable of displaying 100% color gamut Adobe. Its body is 6% thinner and 17% smaller than the previous generation model, and weighs less than 1.78 kg.


This system comes with an Intel Core processors or sixth generation mobile Intel Xeon processors, graphics NVIDIA Quadro, DDR4 RAM Thunderbolt and 3, and also supports PCIe SSD drives with capacity up to 1 TB.


Laptop Precision 15 (7510) boasts performance workstation in a tower case, but it has a thin shell of premium materials. It uses an advanced cooling system, which allows not to reduce the CPU speed during start-intensive applications.


In models Precision 15 (7510) and Precision 17 (7710) using Intel Core processors of the sixth generation, and the world’s first mobile Intel Xeon processor, graphics card NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro. The Precision 17 (7710) is set to 17-inch UltraSharp IPS-screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 or 3840×2160 UltraSharp IGZO with permission.


All new Dell workstations are supplied with pre-installed Dell Precision Optimizer software for centralized management using System Center Configuration Manager console. With it, users can increase the performance of the workstation by the automatic settings for a specific professional application. Presented workstations and tested applications Autodesk, Adobe, Solidworks and other companies.


“The company HTC Vive designs and creates solutions where the user is located in the center of the virtual space, and the entire content – around him, and he interacts with them in a natural way The decision applies to both the game and to other areas: education, medicine, engineering. ., design and trade We are pleased to collaborate with the company Dell, because it creates solutions that contribute to the expansion of the scope of application of virtual reality systems and the creation of new VR applications, “- said Dan O’Brien, HTC vice president of virtual reality.
The new Dell Precision workstations are available now through Dell official partners.



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